PhD Fellowship Ionic Properties of Porous Organic Molecules


Initial studentship stipend: £13,590 per year.

Supervisor: Dr Laurence Hardwick, Co-Supervisor: Prof. Andy Cooper

Applications are invited for a graduate to join the Department of Chemistry, University of Liverpool, UK for a funded 42 month period of research leading to the award of PhD.

The field of electrochemical energy storage has expanded greatly due to the increasing need for clean and efficient mobile energy sources. Around the world, energy storage is becoming a vital and nationally important area of research and development with the “greening” of energy generation to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. Countries will depend on more and more intermittent electricity supply from, for example, wind, wave and solar power. Energy storage will become crucial for the smoothing out of supply and demand and allowing for a less centralised grid. Additionally the electrification of transportation is a vital objective. This is also reliant on major improvements in energy storage technology if it is ever going to become mass market solution that can significantly lower the amount of CO2 emissions from the transportation sector.

Batteries are one of the main contenders for both portable and stationary energy storage, of which key improvements are required to increase energy stored, operational lifetime, and safety.

This project will focus on the evaluation of the ionic properties of porous organic molecules as potential candidate materials as solid electrolytes within lithium cells. The project will involve a diverse programme of synthesis, material preparation and electrochemical evaluation.

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A degree (First or Upper Second) in chemistry, chemical engineering or equivalent (for example Physics or Materials Science), is required. A background in electrochemistry and/or solid state chemistry would be an advantage.

To apply, please send a copy of your curriculum vitae by clicking on the Apply button below.

The closing date for this post is 1 December 2013

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