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The Black Business Network established the Black Canadian Scholarship since 1986. They have been working assiduously to create a platform to assist Black youths in Canada to attend post-secondary schools.  They have also created a network of businesses in and around Canada with a major aim of supporting and promoting the achievement of academic excellence by Black Canadian youth through an annual scholarship program.

According them more individual and corporate donors are welcome to donate to the Black Canadian Scholarship fund.  Black students are in most cases the most the underrepresented minorities in schools and colleges around the Americas and Europe.

Therefor to apply for the scholarships listed below, you must be meet all of the following criteria to apply

  • A member of the Canadian Black community (i.e. a Black person of discernible African ancestry and you self identify as Black/African- Canadian/African-Caribbean/African-American);
  • A Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
  • A maximum 30 years of age at the start of the 2020 academic year, and be
  • Enrolled as a full-time student in the academic year 2019-2020 at an accredited post-secondary institution (as determined by the NSF).

The deadline for applications is May 29, 2020.

For further information, please contact Janet Adams, Senior Associate, Donor Engagement at the Ottawa Community Foundation, at 613-236-1616 ext. 231.

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Note: Students attending universities or colleges outside Canada are not eligible


The BBPA Legacy Scholarships
BBPA Legacy Scholarships are established in the name of Black Canadians who enriched Canada with their contributions in the arts, the professions, science, business, technology, politics and other areas of endeavour. Each Black Canadian scholarship is in the amount of $2,000.00, except for the scholarship in the name of Harry Jerome, which is for $5,000.00. BBPA Legacy Scholarships are funded by general donations and investment income from the endowment fund.

First Generation Scholarships
First Generation Scholarships of $1,000.00 to $2,000.00 are available to students whose parents have not participated in post-secondary education studies. Qualified students must be residents of Ontario and must meet all other eligibility criteria of the BBPA National scholarships. First Generation Scholarships are funded by an endowment established with the proceeds of a grant from the
Government of Ontario.

Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarships
Leaders of Tomorrow scholarships valued at $2,000 each are available to students from high priority neighbourhoods in the Greater Toronto Area who are attending an accredited Canadian university or college.

Black Canadian Scholarship from Other Sponsors:

THE TD BANK SCHOLARSHIPS (2) Sponsored by TD Bank, two scholarships of $7,000.00 each per year are offered. They can be renewed for up to four years for each recipient. TD Bank will also offer the option of summer employment, subject to the bank’s usual terms of summer employment, during the duration of the scholarship.

THE CHEVROLET (GM CANADA) SCHOLARSHIPS (3) General Motors Canada is sponsoring two scholarships called the Chevrolet Excellence in Engineering Scholarships of $5,000.00 each to one male and one female. Each scholarship will be awarded to a successful applicant with very good academic achievements, proven financial need, community service, and interest in a career in engineering. Chevrolet is also sponsoring a scholarship of $5,000.00 to a male or female student in marketing and communication studies.

THE FRASER MILNER CASGRAIN LLP SCHOLARSHIP This scholarship sponsored by FMC LLP. (law firm) for $5,000.00 is to be awarded to a student who is admitted to, or enrolled in, a Canadian law school in pursuit of an LLB. or J.D. degree. The student should have high academic achievement and financial need. The student should also have made a recognized contribution to the community.

THE BORDEN,LADNER, GERVAIS LLP. SCHOLARSHIP This scholarship sponsored by BLG law firm for $3,000.00 is to be awarded to a student who is admitted to, or enrolled in, a Canadian law school in pursuit of an LLB. or J.D. degree. The student should have high academic achievement and financial need and have made a recognized contribution to the community.

THE ROSE FAMILY LAW SCHOLARSHIPS (3) Sponsored by Mr. Brian Rose LLP., these 3 scholarships are $6,600.00 each per year. Each scholarship is to be awarded to an applicant admitted to, or enrolled in, an undergraduate degree program in Law at a Canadian university. The students should have strong academic achievement and financial need and have made a recognized community contribution.

THE PROCTOR & GAMBLE SCHOLARSHIPS (2) Sponsored by Proctor & Gamble, these two $3,500.00 scholarships are each to be awarded to a student who meets the general eligibility requirements for the BBPA National Scholarships and is enrolled in undergraduate studies at a Canadian university, preferably in business or general arts.

THE BEST LIFESTYLE RESIDENCE SCHOLARSHIP (1) This $1,500.00 scholarship is sponsored by Ms. Pauline Christian, President of the BBPA in memory of her mother the late Queen Victoria Wellington-Wint. Scholarship to be awarded to a student with strong academics, health/fitness consciousness, demonstrated financial need, and who has made a recognized contribution in his/her community.

THE STERLING DENTAL SCHOLARSHIP (1) is a $2,000.00 scholarship sponsored by Sterling Dental, for a student interested in science and sports, who has strong academics, financial need, and has made a contribution in the community. A balanced and rounded individual.

THE HARRY JEROME LEGACY SCHOLARSHIP (1) Sponsored by the BBPA to honour Harry Jerome, an outstanding Black Canadian who was an Olympian, Officer of the Order of Canada and world renowned for his sports achievements. Equally respected for his dedication to educational and athletic opportunities for youth, Mr. Jerome was invited by Prime Minister Pierre Eliot Trudeau to help create and serve as a senior administrator in the Canadian Ministry of Sport. Reflecting this criteria, this scholarship of $ 5,000.00 is to be awarded to an applicant 18 years or older who has demonstrated superior achievement in academics, athletics and his/her involvement in helping those who need, assistance or support in the Black community.

THE DR. ANDERSON ABBOTT SCHOLARSHIP (1) The Dr. Anderson Abbott Scholarship, for $4,000.00, is for a University of Toronto student enrolled in a Health Science program at the University of Toronto. The University established the scholarship in recognition of Dr. Abbott, the first Black medical doctor to graduate from a Canadian university and an army physician/surgeon for the North in the American Civil War. For his dedication and valor, he was given a special gift, President Lincoln’s Inauguration Shawl, by Mary Todd Lincoln, the wife of the U.S.

THE ROBERT SUTHERLAND/HARRY JEROME ENTRANCE AWARD: established in 2008 by Queen’s University in cooperation with the Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA),and the former Harry Jerome Scholarship program, to honour Robert Sutherland (BA, 1852), the first student of African heritage to graduate from Queen?s University, Ontario, Canada. As per Queen?s University, the funded scholarship is awarded to a Black student entering the first year of any direct-entry undergraduate degree program at Queen?s University, on the basis of demonstrated financial need, academic achievement and contribution to the community or other volunteer activities.

Application should be made to the Associate University Registrar (Student Awards) by March 1. Value $5,000.00 renewable for three years, providing a satisfactory academic average is maintained each year and financial need continues. Students apply to Queen’s University directly and are chosen by a committee of the Student Awards Office at Queen’s Univ.

THE BANK OF MONTREAL SCHOLARSHIPS (2) Two scholarships, for $5,000.00 each, are sponsored by the Bank of Montreal, each to be awarded to a student with academic achievement, financial need, demonstrated social responsibility through community work, and an interest in a business career.

THE C.I.B.C. SCHOLARSHIP (1) This scholarship of $5,000.00, sponsored by C.I.B.C., is to be awarded to a student with demonstrated social responsibility through work in the community.

THE ROYAL BANK SCHOLARSHIPS (2) Sponsored by the Royal Bank of Canada, two scholarships in the amount of $4,000.00 each are offered.
Successful candidates may be enrolled in a course of study leading to a bachelor?s or master?s degree in Business Administration or a related program.

*THE SCOTIABANK SCHOLARSHIPS (2) The Bank of Nova Scotia sponsors two scholarships of $5,000.00 each that are to be awarded to two students attending a Canadian college or university enrolled in Business studies. They should have strong academics, demonstrated financial need, leadership skills and commitment to helping in their community.

*THE HSBC SCHOLARSHIP (1) Sponsored by HSBC, this  Black Canadian scholarship of $5,000.00 is to be awarded to a student entering a Canadian college or university with demonstrated financial need, who has shown academic achievement, a strong commitment to their community, and, possibly, an interest in a business career .

THE GUNTLEY-LORIMER SCIENCE AND ART SCHOLARSHIPS (4) Sponsored by Dr. Edith Guntley-Lorimer and Professor Michael Lorimer, two Science Black Canadian scholarships valued at $3.000.00 each and two Arts scholarships of $2,000.00 each are available to students enrolled in Science and Arts programs at the university and college levels.

THE ALRICA GORDON SCHOLARSHIP for $2,000.00, (1) is sponsored by Mr. Konata Lake, former recipient of more than one BBPA scholarship. He sponsors the scholarship in honour of his mother, Mrs. Gordon, for her support through his many years of studies. Mr. Lake has asked that the scholarship recipient be a graduate of C.I., C.W. Jeffreys, Emery Collegiate Institute, or of other Jane-Finch at risk? high schools in Toronto.

THE LUCILLE MAY GOPIE SCHOLARSHIP (1) Sponsored by Kamala Jean Gopie, it is named for her mother, who came from humble beginnings and encouraged her children to dream and to achieve through education. This $2,000,00 scholarship is for a young person who has been encouraged by a single parent to pursue higher education as a means of self-fulfillment.

THE DR. OUIDA M. WRIGHT MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (1) Sponsored by Dr. Leebert A. Wright in the name ofthe late Dr. Ouida M. Wright, who had a lifelong aspiration for higher education and who aided and inspired thousands of young people to make education a worthwhile goal. This $4,500.00 scholarship will be awarded to a female student who has been accepted into a post-secondary degree program in one of the sciences such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology or medicine.

THE ROBERT K. BROWN SCHOLARSHIP (1) Sponsored by Tropicana Community Services (Robert K. Brown was a founding father) which is a not-for-profit organization providing culturally appropriate social services to youth in east Toronto. This scholarship of $1,500.00 is to be awarded, with special consideration for Black males, to a student pursuing a career in the field of Social Services at the bachelor’s or master’s degree level. The recipient would have demonstrated his (or her) inclination towards the social service field either through paid or volunteer experience, or current field of study

THE MINERVA SCHOLARSHIPS (4) Sponsored by Dr. Miriam Rossi and Mr. Renato Rossi. The four scholarships, $2,000.00 each, in honour of Dr Rossi’s grandmother, Minerva Williams Senhouse. “For more than forty years Aunt Min counseled under-privileged young people in Boston, Mass. USA.”

THE WINCON SECURITY SERVICES SCHOLARSHIP (1) for $3,000.00, sponsored by Mr. Winston Stewart, Director of Operations of Wincon Security Services in Markham who encourages youth to continue their education and would like the scholarship to go to a student enrolled in full time studies at an accredited Canadian College or University. The successful applicant would have financial need and also might be considering the possibility of a career as an entrepreneur in their future. Mr. W. Stewart will be making a decision as to the recipient of his scholarship.

THE LARRY McLARTY SCHOLARSHIP (1), for $2,000.00, Sponsored by the Toronto Police Service’s Black Internal Support Network, this scholarship recognizes Larry McLarty who became the Toronto Police Service’s first Black officer on January 25, 1960. Valued at $2,000.00, one scholarship is awarded to a student enrolled at an accredited university or college in Canada as a full-time student in diploma or degree program leading to a career in law enforcement. The applicant is not eligible for the Black Canadian scholarship if he or she is enrolled in part-time or in a graduate program.

THE SIX LEGACY SCHOLARSHIPS (6) , each for $1500 – $2,000.00, are sponsored by the BBPA and were established to acknowledge important contributions by members of our community which have enhanced the qualities of our every day life, in the arts, in the fields of law, education, communication science, government, as well as in athletics, research, and entrepreneurship