Application Opens:2019-01-01
Deadline: 2019-04-15
Value of Scholarship: $3,000
Level Of Study: Undergraduate or Masters

Women in STEM scholarship(BHW Scholarship)

Who is eligible to apply for 2019 Women in Stem scholarship:

This scholarship is for women  in science and engineering only. Women who are pursuing an undergraduate or master’s degree and are majoring in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics during the 2019 school year are eligible to apply for the scholarship


The women in Stem scholarship is an annual scholarship .:

Applications are due each April 15th.

How to apply:


The women in Stem scholarship(BHW scholarship) requires the interested candidates to write the following essays:


essay on either of the following topics:

  1. Tell us about your favorite app and what you like about it.
  2. Tell us about a time an app played a significant role in improving your day.

Application should be submitted ONLINE

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