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While applying for a scholarship, there are a number of encouraging tips that a student needs to keep in mind. These include but not limited to the following:

  • Scholarship is not for the Brightest students only
  • You cannot win a scholarship unless you take the first step to apply.
  • While it is generally true that many institutions have lots of bursaries/funds  available, someone must apply to the specific category to be awarded the scholarship. Be convinced that there is scholarship funding out there waiting for you.  This is a bitter truth anyways.
  • Do not insist on applying for larger sum scholarship funds.  Ten bursaries of of $1000 each can make a  lot difference. And more so by applying for more, you expand your opportunities.  $ 500 dollars  award can buy you most of the books you need and can also take care of contingencies. The bottom line is that you should not limit your self
  • Subscribe to scholarship News , There is no real season for scholarships. Scholarships are posted all the time but deadlines are different. It is important that you monitor scholarship information.  One quick way is to sign up and follow us on twitter
  • Get involved in your community and serve them selflessly. Get a reference letter and draft a good resume that reflects  both your technical and non-technical skills
  • Put an effort, do not delay. Be positive!!

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5 thoughts on “Scholarship Award Tips”

  1. Am interested in the scholarship because I want to use it as a medium of exposure to further my educational career.

    1. Please apply directly using the contacts provided in the scholarship contact details. It is important that you review the requirements and stick to the deadlines.

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