MRes/PhD Studentship Comparative study of cyclin B regulation in meiotic and mitotic cell division

Reference Code: CB092

Name of the supervisor(s)
Dr S Madgwick

John William Luccock and Ernest Jeffcock Research Studentship

Duration of the award
4 years (MRes Medical and Molecular Biosciences followed by a three-year PhD).

Project description
Background: Errors at metaphase of cell division have a great negative impact on human health. We are particularly interested in errors occurring at metaphase in female meiosis, which increase dramatically in women after the age of 35, and result in birth defects and miscarriage. A critical aspect of the control of metaphase is the maintenance of high levels of cyclin B1 while chromosome accurately align, followed by rapid cyclin B1 destruction as chromosomes segregate and the cell is driven into anaphase. Impaired regulation of cyclin B1 at this stage of the cell cycle is firmly associated with aneuploidy. A full understanding of the physiological processes which regulate cyclin B1 at both meiotic and mitotic metaphase exit are important since errors are common.

Project outline and training:

  1. (MRes) Taught course along with a lab based project identifying protein(s) specifically involved with cyclin B1 destruction in meiosis. This will involve a period of training in Villefranche in the lab of our collaborator Dr Alex McDougall
  2. (PhD) Characterisation of proteins and genetic motifs which interact with cyclin B1 in meiosis. Learn the techniques of; endogenous protein knock-down, construction of fluorescent probes for microinjection into cultured oocytes, followed by real-time fluorescence imaging using both epi-fluorescent and confocal microscopy.

Value of the award and Eligibility
The studentship is funded by Luccock and Jeffcock Research to cover tuition fees at the UK/EU rate and an annual stipend of £13,590 (2012/2013).
International students can apply but the award only covers fees at the UK/EU rate. The shortfall in international fees would have to be found by the student.

Person Specification
Candidates should have or expect to achieve a First Class or 2:1 Honours degree in a relevant science subject

How to Apply
You must complete the University’s postgraduate application form. Select “Master of Research/Doctor of Philosophy (Medical Sciences) – Cell and Molecular Biosciences” as the programme of study. Only mandatory fields need to be completed (no personal statement required) but you must attach a copy of your CV and a covering letter, quoting the title of the studentship and reference number CB092.

Closing date for applications 
Prompt application is advised as this post is only available until a suitable candidate is appointed.

Further Information
For further details, please contact:

Dr Suzanne Madgwick


Dr Mark Levasseur
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 222 8726

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