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Level Of Study: Bachelor Degree

USA:Vern’s Agape Giver Registered Nursing Scholarship (VAGRNS)

The use of the word Agape in the scholarship is intended to convey Mr. Lynns belief that kindness and caring are paramount in patient wellness and recovery. His reward in giving the scholarship(s) is to place young men and women in the Registered Nursing profession who exhibit such characteristics. If you feel you do and believe you can truly love Registered Nursing and can graduate as requested, he encourages you to apply.


The students eligible for assistance must be current seniors at Bishop Ward High School (KCK) or graduates of Bishop Ward High School (KCK) currently enrolled at a Kansas State Junior College that has a registered nursing program costing less than $100 per credit hour. Eligible students must also  have a cumulative 2.5 GPA at either institution.

Expectations of Student Selected for VAGRNS:

  • Awarded student (Recipient) will be selected by Agape Givers Registered Nursing Scholarship Selection Committee consisting of Bishop Ward Faculty as appointed by Bishop Ward Principal.
  • Students can apply for VAGRNS as early as the beginning of their junior year of high school. At the Selection Committees discretion, the scholarship can be awarded to the Recipient immediately (they will be the Recipient for that graduating class and there will not be an additional Recipient their senior year).  Recipient may begin taking college courses which can be credited for KCKCC RN Nursing Program Required General Education Requirements (and paid for with scholarship at scholarship rate).
  • Recipient will be admitted to KCKCC by May of their senior year of high school. They will be encouraged to begin at KCKCC the summer semester immediately following.
  • Recipient is encouraged to complete all necessary General Education classes by December of their first year and MUST have completed by May of their first year and must maintain a curriculum accordingly.
  • Recipient must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA in all courses.
  • Recipient must be admitted to Nursing School by May (hopefully December prior) of their 1st year for Nursing Classes beginning in the Fall of their 2nd year. Failure to be admitted will result in loss of scholarship.
  • Recipient must graduate from RN Nursing Program by May of their 3rd year (hopefully May of 2nd year or Fall of 3rd year).
  • Scholarship is intended for tuition payment for the specific 76 hours needed for the KCKCC RN Degree as described in their Registered Nursing Booklet at $75 per credit hour ($5,700). Payment is not guaranteed for any increases in hourly tuition rate or required hours added. Nor does scholarship cover text books, lab costs, equipment and uniforms, state license test, etc, which are currently estimated at $3,800.
  • Scholarship is being endowed by retirement investments of Vernon F. Lynn. Collapse or large reductions in those investments beyond Mr. Lynns control could result in reduction or cancelling of said scholarship (although not expected; probability would be to cease awarding any additional scholarships).
  • In accordance with the Privacy Act Student agrees to sign releases of any and all school records or allow conversations with anyone on the KCKCC Staff with Vernon F. Lynn or the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation (administrators of the scholarship) to validate compliance with the scholarship requirements.
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March 31
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