Studentship: MSc Information Security and Biometrics Ratiu Foundation & University Award


Institution: University of Kent

Application Deadline: Friday 28 June 2013

The Ratiu Foundation & University of Kent Awards were inaugurated in 2007, in order to mark Romania’s accession to the EU. The success of the 2007 programme made the initiators decide to continue this scheme, thus helping Romanian scientists to develop expertise in specialist areas.

The Ratiu Foundation was established in London in 1979 by Ion and Elisabeth Ratiu. Through its scholarships, the Foundation enables talented Romanian graduates and professionals – domiciled in Romania at the time of application – to gain skills in the UK which they can adapt and apply back home in Romania.

University of Kent
University of Kent

The University of Kent is an internationally respected institution with much of its research rated amongst the top 20 in the UK and has a strong tradition of excellence in postgraduate training and research.

For this programme, applications are welcome from Romanian students with a strong academic background, who are domiciled in Romania at the time of application. The successful candidate will be selected by the University on the basis of academic merit and research potential. The University of Kent informs the Ratiu Foundation of the student selected. Further information about the Information Security & Biometrics programme can be found at


Candidates should make an online application for the programme


Upon being offered a place, candidates should then contact the Scholarships Unit at asking to be considered for the scholarship

    • The scholarship is aimed at Romanian nationals who are domiciled in Romania at the time of application
    • Priority will be given to those who hold a first degree awarded by a Romanian University
    • Candidates will be required to meet the normal entry criteria for admission to the University of Kent
    • The scholarship will be awarded upon registration at the University
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Before receiving the Ratiu Foundation grant, the successful candidate will be required to complete the Ratiu Foundation registration form.


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