PhD Studentship, Warwick Manufacturing Group

Development of TiB2 Reinforced Aluminium Alloys for Extrusion Processing
Professor Richard Dashwood

To optimise the processing of the existing A20x alloy for extrusion. To identify and evaluate an alternate commercial alloy composition which will be reinforced with TiB2 to obtain product with required target application properties through extrusion processing. In both cases comparison against an un-reinforced variant will be conducted.

Task 1: Constant Strain Rate Compression Testing
Compression testing of A20x (along with an unreinforced variant) will be conducted over a range of temperatures and strain rates to evaluate its thermomechanical behaviour. Post testing heat treatment will be used to evaluate the relationship between processing, microstructure and properties. The effect of homogenisation treatment prior to hot working will also be assessed.

Task 2: Extrusion Simulation
Using the data gathered in task 1, finite element simulation of the extrusion process will be performed to identify the optimum processing conditions.

Task 3: Extrusion Processing
Using conditions identified in task 2 a targeted matrix of extrusion conditions will be used to produce simple and complex sections for further testing and microstructural characterisation.

Task 4: Heat Treatment Optimisation
Using the product from task 3 hardness testing will be used to ascertain the optimum solution treatment and artificial aging conditions.

Task 5:  Mechanical Property and Microstructural Evaluation
Room temperature and elevated temperature static and dynamic properties will be evaluated for materials extruded in task 3 and heat-treated following the optimised process identified in Task 4. Grain size and texture measurement will be performed.

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Task 6: Alternate Alloy Evaluation
A commercial wrought alloy will be identified that has potential for property improvement through TiB2 refinement, that will be compatible with extrusion processing, and will have the required properties for the targeted application. This alloy (both reinforced and unreinforced) will be subjected to experimental plan detailed in tasks 1-5.

Supporting Company: Aeromet

Awards available: 1 award available
Funding Details: Fees and maintenance at RCUK level
Length of Award: 3.5 years (PhD)

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Deadline:  30 April 2013

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