PhD Studentship in ‘Quantum Nanophotonic’


Duration of Studentship   3 years

Stipend   £15,590 per annum plus fees

Vacancy Information

The goal of this project is to develop ways of controlling the quantum state of multiple electronic and nuclear spins in semiconductor nanostructures, via their interaction with light. Semiconductor nanostructures – which are at the heart of modern photonics and electronics – are particularly appealing for this task, because they can host spins with exceptional quantum coherence properties. Using optically active materials allows for ultrafast manipulation of individual spins with lasers, and should enable mapping the spin states onto photons, which can then be transmitted through optical fibres.

Studentship Description

This 3-year EPSRC-funded PhD studentship will be based in the Quantum Nanophotonics group that is being set up by Dr. Jeroen Elzerman at the London Centre for Nanotechnology and the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering at University College London. You will learn a variety of advanced nanofabrication techniques to process semiconductor nanostructures; low-temperature (4 Kelvin) confocal microscopy to locate single spins inside nanostructures; and coherent optical methods to manipulate and probe the quantum state of coupled spins. If you’re an outstanding and highly motivated student, you’re strongly encouraged to apply!


Due to funding restrictions, this position is only open to UK or EU citizens with an Undergraduate degree in Physics, Electrical Engineering or a related discipline at a level of 2.1 or above (or the international equivalent). A Master’s degree is desirable.

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If you’re interested in this PhD project, please contact Dr Jeroen Elzerman directly (

More information about the project can be found at: or

For assistance with application details, please contact Ms Denise Ottley (

PhD application forms can be downloaded or completed online at under How to Apply

Contact name   Dr. Jeroen Elzerman

Contact details

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Closing Date   3 Jul 2013

Studentship Start Date   1 Oct 2013

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