Deadline: 2015-11-24
Value of Scholarship: $4,000
Level Of Study: Master's/Ph.D. level

Graduate Student Scholarships

The Graduate student scholarship

The graduate students scholarships was established to support the work of young scholars, by enabling successful candidates to spend 4-6 weeks at a Canadian university or research site other than their own doing research related to their thesis or dissertation in the field of Canadian Studies. The scholarship is managed by the International Council of Canadian studies. The scholarship is dedicated to the promotion and support of research, education and publication in all fields of Canadian Studies around the world

Eligibility Requirement

The graduate student scholarship is intended for students in the social sciences or humanities who are in the process of preparing a graduate thesis or doctoral dissertation on Canada. (Master’s/Ph.D. level)


  1. The student must be at the thesis or dissertation stage.
  2. The student must have obtained in writing the support of a faculty member at a Canadian university who has agreed to act as the student’s academic sponsor during the tenure of his/her award. The sponsor will act in an informal capacity and will arrange for library privileges, contacts with other faculty and students, and generally try to facilitate the student’s research. The academic sponsor will not be expected to act in the role of supervisor.

NOTE: A copy of the awardees thesis, once completed, should be sent to the ICCS Secretariat.


Each applicant should submit an application and all supporting materials directly to the secretariat of his/her national Canadian Studies association (or to the association president in cases where there are no permanent secretariats). Applications submitted directly to the ICCS by the applicant will not be accepted nor redirected. It is the responsibility of the national Canadian Studies association to forward no more than 3 nominations to the ICCS. No more than two scholarships per association will be awarded at each adjudication.
The nomination will comprise:

  1. a completed application form [ available in PDF format ] which will be signed by the candidate and the president of the national association.
  2. a two-page proposal outlining the thesis/dissertation project (Click here for an example of what a proposal should contain). The proposal must also state clearly why work at the university in question is essential to the project and how such a visit will enhance the quality of the thesis or dissertation. It must also include a schedule of activities (one page maximum) detailing arrival and departure dates.
  3. an official university transcript (in countries where it cannot be obtained, a letter from the registrar is required).
  4. a letter of support from the student’s thesis/dissertation supervisor.
  5. a copy of the letter from the faculty member in a Canadian university indicating his/her willingness to act as the student’s academic sponsor.
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