Chemistry PhD A PhD with a difference: microporous metal-organic frameworks (MOFs

Southampton, United Kingdom

Chemistry in Southampton is offering a four year, fully funded PhD position with a difference. This will involve an independent research project (expected to be in the fields of inorganic and bio-organic chemistry) and will also involve your engagement in the educational side of our work. The successful applicant will take on teaching responsibilities for 25% of their time throughout the term of their PhD in areas that share common ground with their broad research interests. You will be trained for this purpose and have responsibilities consistent with your experience. The combination of teaching and research will be challenging and rewarding as well as offering a more diverse platform on which to showcase your talents while in Southampton and in taking the first steps in your working career. In particular this combination of experience would be a good training for someone interested in an academic career.

This project is in the area of microporous metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and will develop strategies to prepare nanoscale MOF-biopolymer composite materials for biomedical applications such as drug delivery and imaging. Soluble functional biological macromolecules such as polysaccharides and proteins have enormous potential in materials processing and will be investigated as potential matrices for confined MOF growth and for their wider ability to stabilise aqueous colloidal dispersions of MOFs under biologically relevant conditions. The small molecular building blocks that comprise these biopolymers will also be used to functionalise the surfaces of preformed MOF nanoparticles and examine their effects on MOF crystal growth. An understanding of the interactions between MOF crystallites and biological molecules is vital to their future use in biomedicine and this project will address this directly.

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Applicants will be expected to demonstrate excellence in both research and teaching in their application for this position. Normally we will expect you to have, or shortly receive, a 1st class undergraduate degree in Chemistry (most commonly MChem or MSci).

For informal enquiries related to the possible projects and for further information regarding the nature of this PhD opportunity with a difference please contact Dr Darren Bradshaw ( Please contact Penny Spake, Senior Administrative Officer ( for application details. She will also be able to put you in touch with one of our existing postgraduates in one of these dual positions if you require more information from a person currently undertaking such a role.

Due to funding restrictions, this position is only available for UK/EU applicants.

Administrative contact and how to apply:

Please complete the University’s online application form, which you can find at:

Please direct any enquiries about this procedure to

Closing Date:   Saturday 31 August 2013

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