2013 Scholarships for Foreign Students

This scholarship is specially established for foreign students outside European Union wishing to study for Masters or PhD Programs in Czech Republic.


Applications for the academic year 2013/2014 can be submitted on-line from 1st December 2012 till 30th January 2013.


Students from developing countries outside European Union can apply. The scholarship covers  Masters Degree and up to PhD Degree programs  .

The Student will be required to study in  Czech language, at partner universities in the South Moravian region of the Czech republic.

Applicants, who have already studied at any of the Czech universities before, are not eligible to apply for the scholarship (except for preparatory language courses or short-term study exchange programs).

Value of Scholarship:

  1. Scholarship (monthly 6000 Czech crown – approx. 220EUR) for the first study year – to cover basic living costs (if students achieves good study results during the first study year, they obtain scholarship straight from the university in the following years). There is no tuition fee for students attending study programs in Czech language.
  2. Free administrative assistance and consultancy – help with university entrance exams procedure and during the first study year in the South Moravian region (diploma recognition, information service, visa, study matters etc.)

Fields of Study required:

Students wishing to pursue Master or  PhD programs in technical  and natural science fields will be preferred .

More Information:

Student are required to apply online

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For Further details, contact:

Ivana Hamadová
tel. +420 602 602 054


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