PhD studentships starting October 2014

Our next big discovery could be you

We’re searching for the brightest minds in cancer research

The Institute of Cancer Research, London, is one of the world’s most influential cancer research institutes. We provided the first convincing evidence that DNA damage is the basic cause of cancer, laying the foundation for the now universally accepted idea that cancer is a genetic disease. Today, The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) leads the world at isolating cancer-related genes and discovering new targeted drugs for personalised cancer treatment. We are committed to attracting and developing the best minds in the world to join us in our mission – to make the discoveries that defeat cancer.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified graduates or final year undergraduates who hold or expect to gain a first/upper second class honours degree or equivalent. Successful candidates will undertake a four year research training programme under the guidance of named supervisors and will receive an annual stipend – the stipend is currently £21,000.

Two of these research projects will be recipients of ICR Chairman’s Studentship Awards. Five will be funded by the Cancer Research UK Centre – a strategic partnership between Cancer Research UK, the ICR and The Royal Marsden – which aims to enhance translational research.

PhD studentships starting October 2014

Breast Cancer Research

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Professor Alan Ashworth/ Dr Olivia Fletcher

Investigating the role of linc RNAs in breast cancer risk

Professor Clare Isacke

Overcoming therapeutic resistance in breast cancer metastasis

Cancer Biology

Dr Fernando Calvo

Investigating the acquisition of cancer-associated fibroblast features in cancer cells that favour metastatic dissemination

Dr Chris Bakal

Describing the signalling networks regulating the shape that drives melanoma metastasis

Dr Paul Huang

Adhesion receptor signalling networks in cancer

Molecular Pathology

Dr Anguraj Sadanandam

Integrating molecular and metabolic profiles to identify subtype-specific therapies in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Radiotherapy and Imaging

Dr Graham Smith

Development of novel PET probes for quantitative imaging of DNA damage response following chemotherapy or radiotherapy

Dr Gabriela Kramer-Marek

PET imaging of EGFR expression and activation to guide EGFR targeted therapies

Professor Uwe Oelfke / Professor Gail ter Haar

Biological dosimetry for multi-modality therapies

Professor Uwe Oelfke

Development of IMRT and dynamic motion compensation for small animal radiotherapy

Dr Simon Robinson/Dr Chris Jones

Pre-clinical evaluation of functional imaging biomarkers associated with molecular subtypes of paediatric glioblastoma

Professor Nandita deSouza

Interrogating biophysical properties in molecular self-assembly systems

Dr Emma Harris

Development of ultrasound imaging techniques for radiation therapy adaptation

Dr Dow-Mu Koh

(Studentship to start early 2014)

Advanced magnetic resonance imaging in lung mesothelioma

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Cancer Therapeutics

Professor Julian Blagg / Dr Janet Shipley

Chemical probes for histone demethylases

Professor Keith Jones/ Dr Rob van Montfort

Design and structural studies of irreversible inhibitors for HSP70

Dr Steven Whittaker

Identification of drug resistance mechanisms by functional genomic screens

Genetics and Epidemiology

Professor Montserrat Garcia-Closas

Breast cancer risk stratification: implications for early detection and prevention strategies

Structural Biology

Dr Edward Morris

Structural studies of the hybrid proteasome

Genome Damage and Stability Centre

There will be two studentships dedicated to collaborative projects with the Genome Damage and Stability Centre at the University of Sussex ( The students will study genome stability in the context of cancer biology, with the aim of identifying and/or developing targets for drug development and therapy. Details of these will be available on the website shortly.

Applications for all projects should be made online via the APPLY button below

Please ensure that you read and follow the application instructions very carefully. More information and details about our 2014 studentship projects, can be found on our website

Applicants should be available for interview 27-28 January 2014.

Closing date: Friday 29 November 2013.

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