PhD Studentships in Computational and Experimental Biophysics

The Division of Physics at the University of Dundee has a wide range of immediately available PhD projects in computational and experimental biophysics. These are funded by both the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (SUPA) and the Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance (SULSA). Project titles are listed below, with supervisor details. Full info on each of the projects, and information on applications can be found here:

Computational Projects

  • Computer Simulations of Cellular Excitability [Dr Ulrich Zachariae]
  • Computer simulations of membrane proteins: Understanding the mechanism of energy coupling in proton pumps [Dr Andrei Pisliakov]
  • Coupling between order and curvature in biological and artificial vesicles. [Dr Rastko Sknepnek]
  • Probability, stochasticity and collective behaviour in biology and disease [Prof. Tim Newman]
  • The Search for a Next Generation of Antibiotics [Dr Ulrich Zachariae] 

Experimental Projects

  • Detection and characterisation of prostate cancer using shear wave optical coherence elastography [Supervisor Dr Zhihong Huang]
  • Enhancing the efficacy of RNA interference using a combination approach using lasers for skin permeabilisation and ultrasound for epidermal dispersal [Dr Paul Campbell]
  • Biophysical and biochemical characterization of fungal biominerals [Dr David McGloin]
  • Development of magnetic tweezers for manipulation of magnetic proteins with applications to cell mechanics [Dr David McGloin]
  • An investigation into the mechanism of signal-dephasing (Tm) of spin-labels attached to proteins [Dr David Keeble]

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