PhD Studentship Integration of Microfluidic Cell Culture with NMR Spectroscopy for Correlation Metabolomics

A fully funded 3 year studentship under the supervision of Dr Marcel Utz and Prof Hywel Morgan is due to start in October 2013.

University of Southampton

The School of Chemistry and the Institute for Life Sciences at the University of Southampton have an opening for a postgraduate (PhD) student in the field of NMR metabolomics. This interdisciplinary project focuses on the integration of high-resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy with microfluidic lab-on-a-chip devices in order to enable novel ways of conducting experiments on live cell populations. The basic principle is to use microfluidics to grow cells and expose them to specific, well-controlled variations in environmental conditions. The cellular response is then observed by in situ NMR characterisation of the metabolome. This approach, if successful, will have a wide impact in the life sciences, medical diagnostics, and drug safety testing.

Due to funding restrictions, this position is available to EU/UK applicants only


Southampton features world-class research facilities in both Magnetic Resonance and lab-on-a-chip technology. The project will be carried out in collaboration between the Magnetic Resonance section in the School of Chemistry and the Centre of Hybrid Biodevices. We are looking for a motivated chemist with a solid background in analytical/physical chemistry, as well as a strong interest to work in a biological context.

Administrative contact and how to apply:

Please complete the University’s online application form, which you can find at:

You should enter Dr M Utz as your proposed supervisor. Please direct any enquiries about this procedure to

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Closing Date:Saturday 31 August 2013


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