PhD Studentship in Clean Technologies

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Investigation into Clean Technologies to Develop Methods of Integration and Management of Multiple Linked Systems in the Built Environment

The University of Exeter invites applications to pursue a PhD in the area of clean technologies. This exciting collaborative project is offered in conjunction with South Devon College, which is leading the way in developing a dynamic learning environment for the low carbon sector in the South West region.

The project has the mandate to develop strategies that will enable various clean technologies to work together, which can be managed by businesses or householders in a social-economic positive manner. This will in turn inform the College’s exciting new South West Energy Centre (SWEC) to make future business decisions. Furthermore, the placement will aim to strengthen links between academia and the South Devon College and increase the knowledge base of both the University of Exeter and the College.

The new SWEC will be a specialist venue for the development of knowledge skills and in the low carbon sectors.  It is a hub for the training needs of businesses, tradesmen, construction, energy professionals and members of the community who have an interest in energy, carbon management, clean technologies and environmental issues. Its mission is to create a hub for industry and community to utilise to gain knowledge, advice and guidance on being more sustainable in business and communities. It will also act as the main body to create supply chains within the low carbon sector, promoting governmental initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and making our homes and businesses more energy efficient.

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The PhD studentship would be based at South Devon College in Paignton, Devon, although the successful candidate may at times need to attend the University of Exeter’s Cornwall Campus.

For informal enquiries contact Dr Lars Johanning at or Patrick McNevin at

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