PhD Studentship Extracellular Volume Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Right Ventricular Failure in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health

Supervisor: Dr Andy Swift and Professor Jim Wild


Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a severe progressive disorder with a dire clinical outcome. Untreated patients live less than three years with death occurring due to right ventricular failure.

Novel and emergent technological developments in MRI have the potential to revolutionise the imaging assessment of patients with PAH. In the proposed study, extracellular volume (ECV) MR imaging shall be performed in the follow-up of patient’s with PAH at a designated pulmonary hypertension referral centre. By directly probing right ventricular myocardial changes with ECV imaging, we may identify treatment failure earlier than with current approaches.

The project will involve some applied MR physics, image analysis and image computation with whole body MRI scanners and cardiac analysis software development and will also involve working with cardiac and pulmonary MRI data obtained from clinical studies with these techniques.

Entry Requirements:

Candidates must have a first or upper second class honors degree preferably in physics, maths, computer science or engineering and an Msc would be an advantage.


Interested candidates should in the first instance contact Andy Swift (

How to apply:

Please complete a University Postgraduate Research Application form and attach at least two references to your application. To complete the application form please click the ‘Apply’ button below.

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Please clearly state the prospective main supervisor in the respective box and select ‘Cardiovascular Science’ as the department.


Closing Date: 3rd February 2014

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