PhD in History and Civilization

The Department of History and Civilization at the European University Institute invites applications for a four year doctoral programme in History and Civilization (closing date for applications: 31.01.2014).

  • Leading European institution for post-graduate studies in history and civilization for the early modern and modern period
  • A truly European institution supported and sponsored by the members of the European Union
  • European research focus, cosmopolitan ambiance, cultural and linguistic diversity
  • Focus on the history of Europe in a comparative, transnational and global perspective
  • Four-year Ph.D. grants
  • Exchange programmes with major European and U.S. universities
  • First-class library and data access
  • Historical Archives of the European Union
  • Extensive computing facilities, language courses and career development

The Department of History and Civilization studies European History from the Renaissance to the present day, recognizing that the idea – or ideas – of Europe remain contested. The Department is committed to seeing European History in relation to other regions and cultures of the world. It distinguishes itself as a place where different historiographical and methodological approaches meet. While most activities are conducted in English, multi-lingualism is encouraged. The Department strongly promotes comparative and transnational studies of cultural and economic trends; the history of social, political and intellectual movements and traditions; and a gender approach to history. It aims to capture both Europe’s past and the study of that past, so as to face the most challenging questions of its present.

Doctoral researchers in history at the EUI have the unique chance to engage with the full range of historical research in Europe. In the first year of the programme, researchers not only start their PhD project, but also attend seminars to explore methodological questions and different European historiographies, develop their academic writing and presentation skills, and study foreign languages. The Department also funds research trips to work in archives and libraries across Europe and beyond. A first-class library, extensive computing facilities, a career center, language courses, and a large community of post-docs make the EUI an excellent environment to do a PhD in history.

Each year around 35 citizens of different EU member states, Norway, Switzerland, and a small number from other countries, are admitted to the PhD programme of the European Univesrity Institute. All doctoral researchers receive a grant from their national governments for a period of three years, and the Institute provides funding for the fourth year. For further details about the grants see: 

The application deadline is the 31st of January 2014.

For more information on the Department of History and Civilization see:

For information on the Doctoral Programme at the Department of History and Civilization see:

For information about admission requirements and application procedures see:

To Apply click on the Apply button below. 

Contact for further information:
Prof. Jorge Flores – Director of Graduate Studies:
Anna Coda-Nunziante – Departmental Assistant:

Department of History and Civilization – European University Institute
Via Boccaccio 121 – 50133 Firenze – Italy
phone: +39.055.4685.035

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