PhD in Health and Wellbeing

The project:  The Faculty of Social Sciences and Law is delighted to invite applications for ESRC Funded PhD studentships in Health and Welbeing with an expected start date of 22nd September 2014. Research topics are flexible but must be agreed with the School for Policy Studies before registration. Please use the Research Details section of the application form to outline your area of interest. More information on the programme can be found here.

Candidate requirements: University of Bristol Scholarships are available for 3 year funded PhD programmes only. ESRC Scholarships are available as either a 1+3 award (a 1 year MSc plus 3 years funding for a PhD) or for those able to provide evidence of having undertaken postgraduate research methods training at an ESRC recognised institution or equivalent, +3 funding (3 years funding for a PhD only). Further information can be found here:

University of Bristol Studentships are open to all students. ESRC Studentships in this discipline are not available to International students. EU students may apply but may be eligible for a fees only award. For more details on eligibility please see the ERSC website here:

Funding:  The ESRC and University Of Bristol Scholarships generously provide a stipend for three years of PhD research. Successful candidates will receive full tuition fees plus a Doctoral Stipend matching the UK Research Council National Minimum (£13,726 p.a. for 2013/14, updated each year). ESRC Funded candidates will also have access to a Research and Training support grant which totals £750 per annum.

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How to apply: Please make an online application for this scholarship at the apply button below. Please select Health and Wellbeing (PhD) on the Programme Choice page and enter details of the studentship when prompted in the Funding and Research Details sections of the form.


Deadline for applications: 13 February 2014, 17.00pm

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