Ph.D. Programme in Sociology and Methodology of Social Research

Salary: scholarship of approx 13.500 euro per year, renewable up to a maximum of three years.

The GraduateSchool in Social and Political Sciences of the University of Milan is accepting applications for admission to the Ph.D. Programme in Sociology and Methodology of Social Research.

The School offers 10 Ph.D. positions covered by scholarships. Detailed information on how to submit applications will be provided by the Call for Application. Deadline for Application is 29th November 2013.

From the Academic Year 2013-2014, the Graduate School hosts the NASP-WEST project (Network for the Advancement in Social and Political Studies) which involves a network of universities in Northern Italy: Brescia, Università Cattolica, Genova, Milano, Pavia, Piemonte Orientale and Torino.

The partnership for the Ph.D. programme in Sociology and Methodology of Social Research involves:

  • Department of Social and Political Sciences – SPS (Università di Milano)
  • Department of Cultures, Politics and Societies – CPS (Università di Torino)

The Ph.D. programme in Sociology has a longstanding tradition of excellence in Italy. The aim of the programme is to provide structured training in theoretically-guided empirical research across a wide range of sociological fields and to introduce students to current international debates in both qualitative and quantitative social research.

The course consists of a three-year program. The first year is devoted to basic training, in conjunction with the activities of the Faculty’s interdisciplinary Graduate School in Social and Political Sciences. The second year is partly spent in a relevant university department abroad and is devoted to the initial drafting of the thesis. The third year is entirely spent completing the thesis. All classes and teaching activities are in English.

Graduates from the programme will be able to compete successfully for positions as researchers (in public and private universities and research centres), skilled professionals and consultants in sociology to public agencies and international organizations and institutions in Italy and elsewhere in Europe.

The research areas covered by the Ph.D. Programme now include:

  1. Inequality and social stratification (social change; social mobility; gender; labour market; labour policies and employment; poverty; health; social policy; social service and forms of welfare; migrations and ethnic relations; ethnic entrepreneurship and labour market; intergenerational relationships and family, public policies and forms of social inclusion/exclusion);
  2. Politics and society (public opinion and political communication; new media and political participation; states and nations; comparative social systems; legitimacy and forms of power; social values and political behaviour; leadership and populism; social movements, collective action and new forms of protest)
  3. Cultural processes (daily life; families; religions; gender gaps and ethnic inequalities; cultural capital, youth, generations and life cycles; consumption practices; sociology of body and health, processes of racialization and transformations of citizenship; new technologies, new media and communication; sociology of time and space).
  4. Research on local development (knowledge economy; environmental sustainability of economic development, especially at the city level; development strategies and policies; social implications of development processes)

For each of these sociological areas/topics, the PhD Programme ensures particular emphasis on the integration of theory and methodology of research.

For information about Admission requirement and application procedures please refer to the Apply button.

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