Master’s Program in Mathematics and its Applications, 2014/2015



“ I chose CEU partially because I wanted to go
beyond the geographical regions that are
standard choices for Scandinavian people. CEU
has a small but very active and well-connected
math department. My advisor here also works at
the respected Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics
and there are a good number of other CEU
partnerships with Renyi that result in interesting
research and topical seminars and conferences. ”

Merit-based Scholarships Available

Central European University is an English-language, graduate university located in Budapest, Hungary. With students from some 100 countries and faculty from more than 40, CEU offers an extraordinary student/faculty ratio of 8:1. CEU is accredited in the U.S. and Hungary.

CEU’s Department of Mathematics and its Applications, in close collaboration with the Alfred Renyi, Institute of Mathematics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, enables students to expand their knowledge in mathematics and its applications through intensive coursework, excellent research opportunities, and expert supervision with outstanding scholars and institutions. Programs are taught in cooperation with professors from local Hungarian institutes as well as foreign visiting professors.

Program Offered

  • Master of Science in Applied Mathematics (Two Years)

Selected Areas of Research

  • Algebraic geometry
  • Bioinformatics
  • Complexity theory
  • Discrete mathematics
  • Functional analysis
  • Geometric topology
  • Graph theory
  • Group theory
  • Logic and set theory
  • Number theory
  • Partial differential equations
  • Probability
  • Representation theory

Scholarships and Fellowships

  • CEU is committed to attracting talented students from around the world—a commitment backed by generous financial aid. The University provides a variety of scholarships and research grants for which applicants from any country are eligible to apply.

  • CEU Doctoral Fellowships cover full tuition, health insurance, and a generous stipend for housing and living expenses. Over 90 percent of PhD students receive the full doctoral fellowship.

  • Direct Student Loans and Canada Student Loans are available for eligible U.S. and Canadian students.

  • External Scholarships and Financial Aid Programs administered through CEU include Erasmus Mundus scholarships, Erasmus research grants, and other private and public fellowships and scholarships.

Application Deadline | January 23, 2014

To apply, please click the More Information button below.

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