NNUMAN PhD Studentship Accurate constitutive models for weld residual stress prediction in austenitic weld metals

Supervisor: Prof Mike Smith

NNUMAN Area: Theme 1, Welding

Eligibility: Due to funding restrictions the studentship is open to UK/EU students

Start date: 1st October 2013

Closing date for applications: 31 July 2013 (keep open until filled)

Funding: Fees (£3,732) and stipend £13,590 (11/12 rates)

1 of 2 School of MACE Studentships as contribution to NNUMAN (R114988) programme.

Sponsor & details of top up funding: EPSRC.

Qualifications applicants should have/expected to receive: 1st or 2:1 in Engineering or a related science.

Amount of funding available and eligibility: Option C: The studentship covers Home/EU tuition fees and a stipend of £13,590.

Contact for further information: Professor Mike Smith mike.c.smith@manchester.ac.uk

Project Short Description

Finite element simulation is a well established tool for the prediction of residual stresses in austenitic steel welds.  The mechanical behaviour of the weld material is normally simulated using relatively simple material models, which are calibrated using isothermal tests on material extracted from completed welds. In fact, weld metal is introduced in the molten state and achieves its final mechanical properties via a series of extreme thermo-mechanical load cycles.  Its mechanical properties may be strongly directional.

This project seeks to develop more accurate, microstructurally-informed constitutive models for predicting the mechanical behaviour of austenitic weld metal.  Representative samples of AISI316L and Inconel 82 weld metal will be manufactured and subjected to isothermal and thermo-mechanical tests in the University’s Gleeble thermo-mechanical simulator, accompanied by appropriate microstructural examination using advanced techniques.  In parallel, the ABAQUS and ASTER codes will be used to develop improved constitutive models that can predict the observed mechanical behaviour.  These will be validated using established international weld benchmarks such as NeT TG4 and TG6.

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It is expected that this project will involve extended collaboration with both EDF R & D in Paris, and the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Centre in Sydney.  It is expected that the student will spend some time on secondment in both locations.

Project Details

Notes: Additional top up of 5k Euros / yr from EdF

As part of a major EPSRC grant in New Nuclear Manufacturing (NNUMAN) at the University of Manchester, we have an exciting PhD opportunity to work on one of six PhD studentships within the programme.

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