History Graduate Scholarships

History Graduate Scholarships

The College of Europe

The College of Europe offers History graduates scholarships to study at its Natolin (Warsaw) campus.

The College of Europe can offer up to ten scholarships to History graduates wishing to follow the postgraduate programme in European Interdisciplinary Studies at its Natolin (Warsaw) campus during the 2013-2014 academic year. These scholarships are created in honour of the late Professor Bronisław GEREMEK and will bear his name.

The beneficiaries of Professor Bronisław GEREMEK scholarships will be required to write their Master’s Thesis on a topic relating to recent European history or to European civilisation.

Interested history graduates are invited to apply online and to send their completed application form together with the required documents to the Admissions Office of the College of Europe in Bruges. It is not necessary to send a copy of the dossier to the national selection committee.

(For other scholarship possibilities, please see Scholarships)

For more information, please visit the Apply button below.

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