ESRC 1+3 or +3 South East Doctoral Training Centre/Anne Frank Trust CASE Studentship Inspiring, Mentoring and Engaging Young People: Testing Social Psychological Theory to Evaluate Strategies to Reduce Prejudice and Strengthen Social Cohesion

Applications are invited for a 1+3 or +3 ESRC studentship in the School of Psychology at the University of Kent, in collaboration with the Anne Frank Trust (, under the supervision of Professor Dominic Abrams and Dr Rachel Calogero.

For full details please see the following web page:

The studentship commences 1 October 2013. Applicants must meet ESRC’s UK residency requirements [].

The studentship is to examine social psychological processes that can help to reduce prejudice, promote diversity, and support proactive intervention in group-based bullying or victimisation. This may include areas such as weight-based prejudice, age, religious or ethnic intolerance, stereotyping and stereotype threat, people’s reactions to ‘outsiders’ and ‘deviant’ group members, and so on. The Anne Frank Trust runs a large education and mentoring programme through schools, prisons, and via public exhibitions. One aim of the research is to evaluate and develop new ways of strengthening its impact, guided by psychological theory. The research will include a range of methods and approaches, spanning secondary analysis of archival data, survey/longitudinal field research, and laboratory based experimental work.

The deadline for applications is 20 July, 2013. Please refer to the web link earlier for full details of the application procedure. Letters of application, the CV and references should be directed to:

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