Engineering Doctorate Studentship Defining the relationship between project performance, sustainability performance and collective organisational values

Closing Date: 15 November 2013                                                                         

Start Date: 1st January 2014

Context and Background

An opportunity exists for a Research Engineer to lead a joint research venture between Action Sustainability and Loughborough University as part of the prestigious four-year Engineering Doctorate programme, leading to the award ‘Doctor of Engineering’.

Extensive reviews of high-profile projects such as London 2012 and Crossrail, contribute to a growing body of evidence that suggests traditional project performance costs and measures and, sustainability goals need not be mutually exclusive or disconnected from organisation values. Conversely, sustainable solutions are still largely assumed to cost more to deliver despite a paucity of evidence and robust research in this area. Clearly, a greater body of evidence is required to further explore and determine the causal relationship between organisation values, sustainable solutions, and project delivery performance costs and measures.

Research Aim

The aim of this EngD research project is to enable construction teams to achieve more sustainable and competitive projects by exploiting the benefits of collective organisational values.

Research Objectives

The main objectives are to:

  • Explore the relationships between individuals and organisational values.
  • Develop a guiding theoretical framework that connects perspectives and views on values, project performance, costs and sustainability.
  • Provide propositions and models that theoretically integrate values, performance, costs and sustainability goals.

Test and validate propositions and models across a range of project settings.

Develop and refine throughout the project a fresh perspective that enables Action Sustainability to offer an enhanced cost and value service to the market.

Expected Outcomes
Key anticipated outcomes of the project include:

  • An enhanced and refined body of knowledge on what constitutes pivotal project performance attributes as well as success factors.
  • New theoretical understandings about the relationship between collective organisational values and sustainability goals.
  • Published analyses of previously untapped datasets that can inform subsequent research undertaken by academics in the area.
  • Readily digestible findings suitable for wider dissemination to industry.
  • A new service offering to the market that balances both sustainability and costs.

Suitable Candidates

This EngD research project is open to graduates with a relevant degree in sustainability or environmental science/management, construction management, built environment or project management. Candidates should be articulate, well qualified and highly motivated. The minimum entry qualification is a 2.1 Honours degree or equivalent. A lower qualification is acceptable only if supplemented with an appropriate postgraduate (MSc/MEng) qualification and relevant industrial experience. 


The successful applicant will receive a minimum enhanced tax-free stipend of £19,000 p.a. and a generous training allowance. Due to Tier 4 visa restrictions on industry placements, this is only available to UK/EU applicants.  

How to Apply

Applications will only be accepted with the relevant supporting documents (see how to apply) and should be made through Loughborough University’s Online Application Portal

The successful candidate will be required to work at action sustainability in london, whilst also attending loughborough university as required.

For informal discussions about the research project please contact Prof Jacqui Glass at

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