Deadline: 2019-03-01
Value of Scholarship: $10,000
Level Of Study: Bachelor

Ryerson University entrance Scholarships

Ryerson University  also offers a more diversified entrance scholarships. International students can take advantage of these scholarships.

Students should also note that these scholarships are annual scholarships. This means  that even if you see that the scholarship has expired for this year, the students entering the subsequent year will still be considered for the Ryerson University entrance Scholarships.


The following are some of the entrance scholarships at Ryerson University


President’s National Entrance Scholarships

International Secondary School Student Merit Scholarships

Terence Grier Entrance Scholarships


Please note the following terms and conditions

  1. Students must be enrolled in a full-time at the instance of applying for the Ryerson University entrance  scholarship
  2. Students must be enrolling in a post secondary school program for the first time
  3. Students must have submitted a complete application for admission to Ryerson University by May 1st of the scholarship year
  4. International Secondary School Student Merit Scholarships will be awarded to the best applicant


For more information, please visit the Ryerson university website or send them an email


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