Deadline: 2019-01-31
Value of Scholarship: 10,000
Level Of Study: Any

Killam Fellowships Award-Every Year

Killam Fellowships Program is an annual scholarship

The Killam Fellowships Program offers a cash award of $10,000 US ($5,000 US per semester), along with an allowance to offset the cost of health insurance in the currency of the host country. The Foundation hosts all new Killam Fellows at an Orientation program in Ottawa each fall and again at a seminar in Washington D.C. each spring




The Killam Fellowships Program is available to all Canadian citizen undergraduate students in good standing at four year degree granting institutions throughout Canada and the United States.

Applications by students in Bachelor of Arts and in Bachelor of Science programs are welcome to apply.

The application form is available  every fall at the Killam website .

Tips for applying for this fellowship


ŸStart your application well in advance, because the process (especially course selection) takes time!

ŸTyping is preferable to handwriting, so wherever you can, try to type up your application (this is particularly relevant to the personal statement and reference sections).

ŸYour references should come from diverse areas of your life (professors, coaches, employers, music teachers, etc.). They have an option to write a letter for you in addition to filling out the reference form, and this is highly encouraged.

ŸKeep in mind that the courses you select during your application process are not set in stone. There’s no reason to worry excessively about the courses at this point. Right now, Killam just wants a tentative idea of what you’d like to take, and a signature from an advisor to confirm that you’d be receiving transfer credits.

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ŸThe Killam/Fulbright selection committee looks for strong, persuasive, particularly academic reasons as to why you deserve a Fellowship. It’s great to talk about your strength as a leader and your love for travel, but you also need a solid academic reason as to why you should be selected for this program. Good reasons would be, for example, if you were interested in a particular academic area in which your host university excels, or if a particular town/state in America is important to you for a career down the road. Furthermore, the selection committee loves to see a desire to experience American culture and to build bridges between Canada and the United States. It’s very helpful to talk about this cultural bridge while writing your personal statement.


The following are Canadian and American universities participating in this program:


American University Partners Canadian University Partners
American University Acadia University
Arizona State University Carleton University
Bridgewater State University Dalhousie University
Clemson University McGill University
Florida Polytechnic University McMaster University
Ithaca College Memorial University of Newfoundland
Miami Dade College Mount Allison University
Smith College Queen’s University
State University of New York College at Plattsburgh Saint Mary’s University
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Université de Montréal
University of Maine Université Laval
University of Texas at Austin University of Alberta
University of Washington University of Calgary
Vanderbilt University University of Ottawa
Wellesley College  University of Prince Edward Island
University of Toronto
University of Victoria
Western University
York University

For more information about the fellowship award:

For any questions regarding the Killam Fellowship program, please contact Michelle Emond at