3.5-year PhD Studentship Next Generation Nanomaterials for Energy Storage Devices

Supervisors: Professror Jawwad A. Darr (UCL) and Dr. Liu Zhaolin (IMRE, A*Star)

Applications are invited for a 3.5-year PhD studentship in a collaborative programme run by the Industrial Doctorate Centre in Molecular Modelling and Materials Science of UCL and A*STAR of Singapore. The successful applicant can start immediately.

The joint studentship between UCL and IMRE will develop next generation nano Li-ion battery cells. This will be achieved using UCL’s leading expertise in the nanomaterials synthesis and scale-up via continuous hydrothermal flow synthesis reactors (CHFS) in the initial phase [Year 1] followed by preparation of battery electrodes and their cells and detailed property measurements (charge/discharge properties, impedance, etc.) and optimization of microstructures and components in order to improve performance such as durability and capacity [Year 2 and 3]. Techniques such as STEM and XAS will be conducted to monitor structural evolution in materials and to explain cation doping effects. To reduce structural damage of electrode, stepwise electrochemical activation with different cut-off voltage and current will be applied to determine the best activation process.  The student will return to UCL in year 3 to write-up the thesis and any remaining papers.

The use of a leading technology for nanomaterials synthesis (CHFS@UCL) for battery materials is novel is highly complementary to the leading expertise in characterization and design of cells and components at IMRE in Singapore. Thus, the researcher will get a diverse and varied training at the cutting edge of nanomaterials science.

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The project will develop new battery materials and thus, there is a high likelihood that high ranking journal publications and new IP (e.g. compositional patents) will result.  In terms of background IP, CHFS for nanoceramics is patented (mixer technology) by UCL and has been developed up to pilot plant scale (Kg/h), thus there is significant commercial scope to manufacture in the long term.  

To apply, please email an up-to-date CV to Professor Jawwad Darr j.a.darr@ucl.ac.uk or call 02076794345. Please note that due to funding restrictions only UK/EU citizens are eligible for this studentship.

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