Studentship Available Biomedical Characterisation of Stents In-Vitro

Supervisor: Dr Cecile Perrault

Stent deployment is a common surgical intervention for treatment of coronary artery disease. However, it leads to injury of endothelial cells (EC) which can cause adverse complications. The development and manufacture of stents is an economy estimated to be worth more than $5 billion per annum.

Stent engineering currently concentrates on chemical enhancements to improve vascular repair. Yet, mechanical forces also act as disruptive or promoting agents for key cellular functions. Previous studies by Prof Evans showed that complex flow patterns generated by stent struts disrupt EC repair. Stents should thus be tested under fluid flow conditions to accurately assess their mechanical and chemical impact on vascular repair.

The project will create a microfluidic stent testing device and testing protocols, including:

– In-vitro and in-silico studies of stents on cellular migration, proliferation and organisation by altered shear stress and flow patterns.

– In-vitro and in-silico studies of chemical distribution patterns with stents and their effects on cells.

– Development of new design and manufacturing using additive manufacturing.

This project will create a unique platform for stent engineering, from design to manufacturing to in-vitro testing, a valuable expertise for stent developers and manufacturers.

Further Information:

Due to funding restrictions, this position is open to UK and EU citizens with three years residency in the UK.

This studentship covers the cost of tuition fees and provides an annual stipend at the standard UK research rate (£13,726 in 2013/14) for 3.5 years, as well as an annual Research Training Support Grant of £1,000.

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