Canadian Dairy commission scholarship: University of Manitoba

Canadian Dairy Commission headquarters is pictured in Ottawa Wednesday April 25, 2012. A Canadian government Crown corporation created in 1966, Canadian Dairy Commission is mandated to "provide efficient producers of milk and cream with the opportunity to obtain a fair return for their labour and investment, and to provide consumers of dairy products with a continuous and adequate supply of dairy products of high quality."

The Canadian Dairy Commission  Scholarship is an annual scholarship developed to support graduate studies in agricultural economics and policy, and food, dairy or animal science as these fields relate to the dairy industry.  A few […]

Scholarship grants for Middle income families

Canada Scholarship grants

The government of Canada offers financial assistance to students from middle income families. Middle income families are families with total income of less than $60,000 /year. This measurement varies anyways. Value of scholarship: $100/month Eligibility: […]