University Entrance scholarships

A number of Canadian universities offer what they call “Entrance scholarships”. This means that whether you are a Canadian or an international student you will be automatically considered for these scholarships upon admission into the university.

The basic eligibility criteria are based on the students cumulative average.

For example, University of Western Ontario, requires that the student must have applied directly from secondary school and has a  high cumulative average. For international students, the student’s cumulative average will be based on the last year courses in the secondary school. The average may also be based on the perquisite courses selected from secondary school diploma results.

The total value of the scholarship is $10,000(4 years) but the student must maintain 95% average to keep the scholarship.

For more information, please visit the school website or contact:

University of Western Ontario

Western Student Services Building

London, Ontario, CANADA

N6A 3K7

Tel: 519-661-2100


Similarly, York University, offers entrance scholarships to students in high academic standing:

Scholarship type Value Eligibility
Renewable entrance Scholarships $12,000($3000 x 4 years)$8,000($2000 x 4 years)

$4,000($1000 x 4 years)

$2,000($500 x 4 years)

95+% average90-94% average

85-89.99% average

80-84% average

President’s Scholarships $21,600 ($5,400 x 4 years) Awarded to top students in each faculty
Chancellor Cory Entrance Scholarship $16,000 ($4,000 x 4 years) Student awarded this scholarship will not be eligible for other scholarships. This scholarship is awarded to students entering the University directly from secondary school who has achieved a minimum 90% admission average
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For more information, visit the school website


Other scholarships include: