Deadline: 2019-07-01
Value of Scholarship: $2,500

The Baxter Corporation – Jean Goodwill Scholarship

The Scholarship:

This scholarship is an annual scholarship  sponsored by Baxter Corporation and is  administered by the Association of Indian and Inuit Nurses of Canada. The aim of the scholarships is to encourage nurses of Indian and Inuit ancestry who intend to serve in the Northwest Territories or Yukon, by helping them obtain the specialized knowledge they will require.

Number of scholarships: 2



Consideration will be given to applicants of Indian and Inuit ancestry who intend to serve in the North, including:

  1. Students who are graduating from a registered nurses’ course and are accepted into one of the following specialized training programs:
    1. community health nursing,
    2. outpost nursing,
    3. midwifery;
  2. Graduate nurses already serving in isolated communities, who are accepted into one of the specialized training programs listed above;
  3. Those who are or will be enrolled in a Bachelor level nursing program.

The successful applicant must provide documentation of his/her efforts to secure employment in isolated northern native communities.

Completed applications must be received by the President of the Indian and Inuit Nursing of Canada by July 1 each year. Successful candidates will be notified by August 1. Further information may be obtained by writing to President Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada, 55 Murray Street, 3rd Floor, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5M3 or by telephone to (613)230-1864 or by f ax: to (613)230-1542


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