Deadline: 2017-08-10
Value of Scholarship: £14,553 per annum
Level Of Study: Any

Studentship: Brewing with unmalted cereal adjuncts: sensory and analytical impacts on beer quality

Brewing Science, Flavour science, Analytical science, Sensory science

Research Description
This fully funded Masters by Research project is sponsored by Molson Coors, the world’s 3rd largest brewing company and includes direct collaboration with and access to facilities at their Burton-on-Trent site. In brewing, adjuncts are alternative sources of sugars to barley malt which are used for a variety of technological and economic reasons. This project will investigate the impacts of the usage of selected cereal adjuncts (e.g. ‘raw’ barley or wheat) at varying rates of incorporation on the sensory and analytical quality of lager beer. Impacts on key metrics of the brewing process (e.g. in wort production and fermentation) will also be evaluated.

Research Techniques
Multidisciplinary skills will be developed in malting and brewing science, analytical chemistry and sensory science.
The student will receive training in practical brewing (pilot plant scale), standard analysis of wort and beer, chromatographic techniques (e.g. GC-MS; HPLC) and sensory evaluation.
The research will deliver:
• Improved knowledge of the sensory impacts of the use of unmalted cereals in brewing
Knowledge of the process and analytical impacts of using a range of adjunct materials and the factors which might limit commercial acceptability as the percentage of adjunct usage is increased.

Keyword Search
Brewing, adjuncts, sensory science, analytical science, beer, Molson Coors

Award Start Date:25/09/2017
Duration of Award: 12 months

Terms and Conditions

This research project has funding attached. It is only available to UK or EU citizens. It includes a one year stipend of £14,553 and full payment of Tuition Fees. The successful student will be registered for the degree of Masters by Research (MRes) and must submit an appropriately structured thesis based upon their research project within 1 year of first registration.

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Applicant Qualification Requirements

The candidate will hold a first or second class honours degree in an appropriate scientific discipline (Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Food or Brewing Sciences, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Science, Biotechnology, Biological Sciences, Biochemistry)

How to Apply

Candidates are welcome to contact David Cook ( with any queries and for an informal discussion.
Applications, comprising a covering letter of application together with a detailed CV (including the names and addresses of two referees), should be sent to

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