Deadline: 2016-05-02
Value of Scholarship: €3,000 - €7,300 per year

International student scholarship-Science Po’s Emile-Boutmy Scholarship in France

International Students Scholarships

Science Po created the Emile-Boutmy scholarship to invite the top international studentsinternational students outside the European Union who are first time applicants the admissions priorities of Sciences Po and individual course requirements. The international student scholarship can come in multiple forms ranging from €3,000 – €7,300 per year over a for the three years of the undergraduate program. On an exceptional basis, a scholarship of 19,000€ may be granted to cover the three years of College.

Eligible students are:

  • first time applicants
  • from a non-European Union state
  • whose household does not file taxes within the European Union
  • have been admitted to the Undergraduate program

In order to apply to Science Po’s Emile-Boutmy Scholarship for international students you must indicate it on your application form, as well as include a proof of income and documents explaining your family situation (e.g. income tax return for both parents, payslips, divorce certificate, unemployment benefits, documents related to alimony, child support or retirement pensions, death certificate etc.)
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