Tuition free Universities in Europe

Tuition free Universities in Europe

It is not an exaggeration to say that North America is still playing catch up with European education System. While certain parts of Europe like United Kingdom is saddled with exorbitant fees, most European countries offer free tuition to all students including international students. If you are looking for  a top class university with  free tuition fees, Europe is the best place to try.

If you are North American, you will notice a huge difference in the way the education structure is planned in Europe vs North America. An EU student  from one part of European Union can live, work and school in other parts of Europe without restriction. This means that EU students have the same rights when they move to another EU country. They can study under the same conditions as the citizens of the country.

In contrast, if you are Canadian and you move to USA, you will pay international students fees. There is no known understanding between member countries of North America. You can argue that this should change but your guess is as good as mine.

However, the Americas have free trade agreement which effectively allows for example Canadian citizens to live and work in the USA with TN visas.

To continue our discussion here are the list of Tuition Free Universities in Europe:

Tuition Studies Free in Norway: 

The Norwegian higher education sector consists of eight universities, nine specialised university institutions, 20 state university colleges, two national academies of the arts and 16 private colleges. For more information about each institution, please click on the links below.

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Tuition Free in Austria

Austria only charges Non-EU students about EUR 726.72 per semester. All students pay a nominal fee of EUR16.89 per student per year to be a member of the Austrian student union. Here is the list of universities in Austria:

Tuition Free universities in Germany

Tuition fees in Germany vary by state.Until 2007, most states do not charge fees of any kind especially for Masters and PhD programs. Currently,  4 out of the 16 states have started to charge some kind of fee. You get more details of the fees structure here.

Please review the list of German Universities to help you ascertain which schools you can reach out to:

Tuition Free universities in Finland

Inclusive of Master degree programs, No tuition fees are charged for Bachelor’s and Doctoral programs, regardless of your nationality. It is important for students to read further about any language requirements and take advantage of this opportunity. You can find a list of Universities here:

Tuition Free universities in Sweden

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  1. I am a nigerian looking for good place to study, and I know that your country is one among the best. I wish to know if I can get a tuition free institute in your country.

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