Value of Scholarship: $5,000 to $50,000 tuition scholarship
Level Of Study: Masters

Scholarship for Women specializing in Supply Chain and Logistics

The women in Supply chain scholarship is funded by the MIT centre for Transportation and logistics. The women in Supply chain scholarship was designed to encourage women/Single mothers that are in the field of Transportation, logistics, or supply chain management.

Number of Awards: 1-5 per academic year


Eligibility: Awarded to incoming female SCM students based on quality and need. Students do not apply for these awards but all admitted female candidates are considered if they have indicated they are interested in being considered for fellowship and scholarship opportunities on their application. No separate application forms or submissions are required. Awards are made by the admissions committee based on the application materials, interviews, and references. Notification of these awards are made either at the time of admission or shortly thereafter.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers one of the best educational curriculums in the world. However, tuition can be very expensive at this premium institution. Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers Supply chain and logistics Management (SCM) scholarship for qualified students. The estimated tuition for SCM for the 2015-2016 year is estimated at the $65,446 and that doesn’t include student life fee, medical insurance, and living expenses.

SCM students are also eligible for grants and fellowships offered by the larger MIT community. Please visit the website of the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education for detailed information about these awards. Students are automatically considered for these awards based on their application materials. No additional application form is involved

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How to apply

To apply for this scholarship, please follow the link below:


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