Deadline: 2015-03-25
Level Of Study: PhD

Research Fellow Positions in Data Management Research

The Data and Knowledge Engineering (DKE) research group at the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering in the University of Queensland (UQ) is working in the area of large-scale databases and information systems.  DKE researchers are tackling the rising challenges of big data, real time analytics, data modelling and retrieval, and smart information use. The cutting edge solutions developed at UQ will lead to user empowerment at an individual, corporate and societal level. The research has made a sustained and influential contribution to the management, modelling, governance, integration, analysis and use of very large amounts of diverse and complex data in an interconnected world. This research excellence has been recognised with numerous awards and fellowships, including ARC Discovery Projects. Research topics at DKE include management and mining of complex and interconnected data including sensor networks, multimedia, social, scientific and environmental data, and new computing architectures for real time analytics in data intensive applications.

The role

The role of the Research Fellow is to participate in innovative research developments, conduct original research within the general scope of database systems, provide research input to other staff and students where relevant, participate and/or lead interactions with industry and research collaborators, support in literature review and research document preparation.

The person

Applicants should possess post graduate qualifications in Computer Science or is close to submission of PhD thesis. You should have a deep understanding of data management; algorithm design and complexity analysis; previous experience in mathematical modelling, solving optimisation problems and building heuristic methods to solve computationally complex and data intensive problems. Knowledge of issues and challenges underpinning modern data management (e.g. database scalability, data uncertainty, data quality, spatiotemporal and multimedia databases, similarity matching, data mining etc.) will be desirable.

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This is a full time, fixed term appointment for 2 years at Research Academic Level A. The remuneration package will be in the range AUD $60,829 to $82,510 per annum, plus employer superannuation contributions of up to 17% (total package will be in the range AUD $71,1170 to $96,537 per annum).

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