Application Opens:2018-12-01
Deadline: 2019-02-01
Value of Scholarship: $4,000
Level Of Study: Undergraduate

RBC Royal Bank Scholarship for Aboriginals

Royal Bank of Canada continues to support minorities and disadvantaged segment of the Canadian population.

Eligibility: Status and non-status Indians, Inuit or Métis pursuing post-secondary education

Scholarship Details


The RBC Royal Bank Scholarship for Aboriginals is an award  offered to students to complete their  post-secondary education. It is a total of 10 Awards valued up to $4,000 for each academic year (for a maximum of four years) to use towards tuition, textbooks, supplies and living expenses. You can apply under two categories; financial and non-financial disciplines. Applications for the scholarship are open from December 1 to February 28.


RBC also have  a 6-12 month summer interneship for Aborigines to be  completed over 2-3 consecutive summers. According to them “this is a first-in-class, hands-on training experiences where you’ll gain mentorship from our Indigenous Peoples members”.

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