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Siyat Barre asked 1 year ago

Hi, my name is Siyat Barre. I am a Kenyan and 23. I have a great passion to become a highly competent economist. I believe I can make it if suitable environment and facilities provided. Currently am pursuing Bachelors degree in Economics at the university of Nairobi. But I feel like the university isn’t actually for me.
Therefore, I am humbly asking for any scholarship opportunity, especially from Canada.
Your sincere response will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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ischolar Staff answered 1 year ago

There are a number of  bachelor degree scholarships in economics but most popular are masters degree scholarships. If you can be patient to finish your undergraduate degree in Kenya, you can easily win a scholarship award if you get an outstanding degree result example 1st class honors.
In Canada, they also look at your extracurricular activities including your contributions to your local community. This then means that you must be a good student that is also able to socialize within your community.
Here are a few links:
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Please respond to any further questions if you need help