PhD studentship Particle Physics – ATLAS experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider

Anticipated start date for project: February 2014
Closing date for applications: 31st December 2013.

Information about the project: Applications are invited for a fully funded PhD studentship to work with the Particle Physics Group at The University of Manchester on the ATLAS experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. The Manchester Particle Physics Group has major involvements in both the ATLAS and LHCb experiments at the CERN LHC, and in SuperNEMO, MINOS+ and future neutrino experiments, and has a strong theory group. The Group is involved in all aspects of each experiment from the analysis of data to the development of new detectors for the High Luminosity upgrade of the LHC. The ATLAS experiment is studying the properties of the recently discovered Higgs boson and searching for evidence of a whole range of new particles predicted by Supersymmetric models. The Manchester Group is involved with many of the main physics analyses. In particular, it plays a leading role in the study of Top physics, which is expected to be one of the most fruitful areas of research at the LHC. The Group is also involved in searches for Physics Beyond the Standard Model. Besides physics analyses, the group is involved in trigger studies, the ATLAS upgrade and 3D pixel detector developments.

Qualifications applicants should have/expect to receive: Applicants should have, or expect to receive, a top BSc or Masters degree in Physics and be a citizen of an EU country.

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Amount of funding available and eligibility: The studentship is funded by an ERC starting grant, concentrating on top quark physics at the ATLAS experiment. The successful candidate will receive full funding for the PhD studies of around £14,000 per year. The University fees will also be paid. The studentship will fund up to four years of study and does allow for the student to spend an appreciable amount of time at CERN.

Contact for further information: The initial deadline for applications is 31 December 2013, but applications will continue to be accepted until the studentship is awarded. The start date of this studentship is expected to be around February 2014, but other PhD positions (on ATLAS, LHCb and neutrino physics) will be available for a start in September 2014. All applications will be considered for both starting dates. Please contact Dr Yvonne Peters:

How to apply: please click the Apply button below.

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