PhD Studentship Mid-IR Integrated Photonic Devices for Biomedical Diagnostics

The Optoelectronics Research Centre has a 40-year track record of pioneering contributions in photonics and is currently one of the largest and most dynamic research centres in this field world-wide. The Integrated Photonic Devices Group explores the fundamentals of guided wave optics at surfaces, with applications including telecommunications, biosensing and novel light sources, and is complemented by world-class photonic materials and fabrication facilities (

We currently have a vacancy for a fully funded (fee + stipend up to £15,000/year) PhD studentship in our group in a recently awarded European Research Council Advanced Investigator Grant to Professor James Wilkinson. This research programme presents an excellent opportunity for individual creativity to flourish in a strong team environment, addressing topics from Mid-IR and nanostructured waveguide materials, through the photonic toolkit for biochemical diagnostics to clinical applications.

The successful applicant will work on the fabrication and characterisation of waveguides and integrated photonic devices including an on-chip spectrometer based on novel Mid-IR materials. These devices will be useful for “molecular-fingerprinting” type applications in biomedical diagnostics. The student will benefit from the state-of-the-art clean room facility for the fabrication of the integrated photonic devices in addition to the Mid-IR characterisation suite currently being built. The student will be supervised jointly by Prof. James Wilkinson and Dr. Senthil Ganapathy.

We welcome applications from candidates having background and interests in photonic materials and/or integrated photonic devices. You are welcome to contact Prof. James Wilkinson ( or Dr. Senthil Ganapathy ( for an informal discussion.

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