PhD Studentship Green production of nano-carbonaceous materials for medical applications

To celebrate the University’s research successes, the University of Hull is offering 13 full-time UK/EU PhD Scholarship or International Fee Bursaries for candidates applying for the areas within the Faculty Science and Engineering, including the areas listed below.

Closing date: – 3rd February 2014.
Studentships will start on 29th September 2014

Supervisors: Dr SH Zein, Dr KS Fancey, Professor MJ Fagan (School of Engineering)
Collaborators: Dr DS McPhail (Reader, Dept of Materials, Imperial College); Professor AR Boccaccini (Head, Dept of Biomaterials, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany; and visiting Professor ICL)

The successful candidate will develop new technologies for the production and application of nano-carbonaceous materials from agricultural waste, with a particular aim to apply those new materials in novel medical applications.

The Project
Nano-materials are a priority area of research at the current time. Because of their small size, their behaviour can be radically different from the bulk material, offering the possibility of improved, and/or unusual combinations of functional, physical and biochemical properties.

This research project will focus on the development of sustainable, safe and environmentally-friendly nano-carbonaceous materials from agricultural waste as a novel reinforcement element in a wide range of potential applications, in particular biomedical applications. The project brings together different fields of expertise ranging from macro- and microscale manufacturing, to nanoscale material synthesis, chemical surface modification, chemical reaction engineering and medical engineering.

The research will involve the application of advanced processing techniques to synthesize, manipulate and functionalize the nanocarbonaceous materials and fabricate sample bioactive composite constructions; detailed chemical and functional characterisation of the raw materials and composites; and optimization of the properties of the materials and composites for potential use in clinical applications.

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This is a new joint project between the Advanced Materials Group (AMG) and Medical and Biological Engineering (MBE) Research Group in the School of Engineering. The AMG has an interest in the development and application of new materials, and particular expertise in nano-carbonaceous materials, polymeric composites and novel metallic alloys. The MBE Group has expertise in computational modelling, bone biomechanics and medical device development. Together they have a wealth of experience and outstanding facilities to support this project including the latest manufacturing, characterization and testing laboratories.

The Studentship
This is an outstanding opportunity for the right individual to gain experience and expertise in a very important, rapidly growing field, which, together with the link to medical applications, will provide significant future potential opportunities. The successful applicant will have a 1st or 2.1 class degree in chemical engineering chemistry, or a related subject, with excellent writing, communication, presentation and organization skills.

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Full-time UK/EU PhD Scholarship will include fees at the ‘home/EU’ student rate and maintenance (£13,726 in 2013/14) for three years, depending on satisfactory progress.  

Full-time International Fee PhD Studentships will include full fees only, at the International student rate for three years, dependant on satisfactory progress.)

PhD students at the University of Hull follow modules for research and transferable skills development and gain a Masters level Certificate, or Diploma, in Research Training, in addition to their research degree.

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