PhD Studentship, Econometric analysis of natural disasters (2014)

Natural disasters cause great havoc in the short term, but may also have long-lasting economic effects through capital destruction, precautionary savings, and exclusion of production options. Empirical analyses of the economic impact of natural disasters are still rare because data have become widely available only recently. The current project will expand on this literature with a focus on business cycles, coping mechanisms and micro-data. The exact details, both conceptually and geographically, will depend on data availability and the preferences of the successful candidate.

Type of award

Award amount
Fee waiver plus £15,000 per annum stipend for maximum of three years

Applicants must have a solid background in Economics with at least a good Master’s degree (minimum Merit) from a recognised University.

Apply through the ‘on line’ application procedure

Applicants should also provide a research outline explaining how their research links with the RISES Project as part of their application.

Deadline for receipt of complete applications is 5.00pm on 11 December 2013

First choice applicants will be notified by 18 December 2013

Further information

Contact details
Please contact Richard Tol to discuss details of the Scholarship.

Further advice about the application procedure please contact Joy Blake


Available to:
UK Applicants, Europe (Non-UK), International (Non-UK/EU)

At level(s):
PG (research)

Application deadline:
11 December 2013 

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