Deadline: 2015-07-30
Level Of Study: PhD

PhD Stelle-Functions of ultrasonic vocalizations in wild house mice

Females in many species show mate choice, which can enhance offspring fitness, but explaining how females are able to recognize males that confer genetic benefits remains a major challenge. In house mice (Mus musculus) females can assess a surprising amount of information about males from their scent (e.g., species, sex, social status, health and kinship). Male mice also produce ultrasonic vocalizations (USVs) during courtship and mating, have which are surprisingly complex and have features of song. Our general aims are to determine the functions of male USVs, and whether females integrate information from male USVs and chemosensory signal (multi -modal sensory integration) to select their mates. Erforderliche Kenntnisse: We are looking for 2 enthusiastic PhD candidates with a background in behavioral biology and bioacoustics. The ideal candidate would have experience with working with mice, bioacoustics, programing (C++) and statistical analyses. Excellent writing an d communication skills in English are necessary, and a MSc (or equivalent) degree is required. To apply send: (1) 1-page cover letter outlining motivations, research interests and relevant experience; (2) CV with publications (if any); (3) copies of transcripts with academic qualifications; (4) contact information of 2 academic references; and (5) short abstract describing previous research experience and technical expertise. We are an international animal behavior institute, operating in English and German, located in the Vienna Woods, only 30 min from the center of Vienna, which is ranked as the nicest and most livable cities in the world. Voraussichtliche Dauer: 3 year position Start: start by 1 November 2015 Sprache, in der die Abschlussarbeit verfasst werden soll: Englisch

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