PhD Research Studentship Microstructure of Titanium alloys through modelling and experiments

University of Birmingham and associated with Timet.

PhD fees paid and stipend (approx. £13600/yr.).

Looking for an opportunity to carry out industrially relevant, yet fundamental research?

Titanium is widely used in aerospace applications, due to its excellent strength to weight ratio. Modern titanium alloys are produced with close control of chemical composition and homogeneity. The production commonly involves several re-melting and re-solidification steps, during which typical solidification microstructures form, consisting of the characteristic dendrites, microsegregation and appearance of secondary phases.

In this project we aim at deepening the understanding on the formation of these solidification microstructures through a combination of experiments and numerical modelling/simulation. In order to achieve this, the analysis techniques for solidified structures will be developed and applied to material processed using a variety of processing conditions. A microstructure model will be developed to predict processes occurring during solidification and to optimise the process. This model will be based on combined methods to model thermodynamics, diffusion and morphology of the growing solid.

The ideal for a candidate for this project would have a background in Metallurgy, Materials Science or related fields (Physics, Chemistry, etc.) with an interest in problem solving and an interest in modelling of advanced materials. Knowledge on Titanium alloys would be helpful, but not mandatory. We expect an individual will a strong desire to learn and develop, and offer a fundamental but yet applied research environment.

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Due to funding restrictions this position is open for UK and EU nationals.

Interested? Then please send your cv to:

Nils Warnken, School of Metallurgy and Materials, University of Birmingham, Birmingham B15 2TT


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