PhD Position Electron Spin Control in Highly Spin-Orbit Coupled Devices

Lead Supervisors Name: Dr Steven Clowes

Funding Status: Directly Funded Project (Due to funding restrictions, UK students only) 

Application Deadline: 31st December 2013

Project Description

The Advanced Technology Institute at the University of Surrey hosts researchers using fundamental and applied research for the design, manipulation and fabrication of optical and electronic devices/systems utilising the smallest building blocks available: atoms and molecules. Our researchers, from a diverse range of scientific backgrounds and backed by state-of-the-art research equipment and facilities, are currently designing materials, devices and systems based on and using nanotechnology to address the grand challenges faced by society, such as sustainable energy technology.

We are currently seeking to fill a PhD position in the field of experimental semiconductor spintronics. The project involves the study and manipulation of electron spins using optical techniques and the electrical detection of spin polarised currents in nanoscale/mesoscopic devices.

Semiconductor spintronics is an emerging technology in which the spin of the electrons are exploited for future electronic technologies. In our current work we have demonstrated magnetic field control of spins in low-dimensional III-V semiconductor devices and the objective of this project is to extend this to include the manipulation of spin via electrical fields. The work will also investigate the properties of topological insulators materials using our spin dependent optoelectrical technique. These materials act as an insulator in its bulk while conductive surface states exhibit very unusual behaviour. These unique properties of TIs may result in new spintronic or magnetoelectric devices and lead to a new architecture for topological quantum bits.

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Please send your CV to: Dr Steven Clowes, Advanced Technology Institute, via email to , University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XH, including transcripts of marks for your undergraduate and/or MSc with your application.

Funding Notes

Applicants are expected to have a first-class or 2:1 degree or equivalent in Physics, Electronic Engineering or Materials Science related subjects.

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