PhD Opportunity: Dynamics of wind-blown fires

PhD Supervisor: Dr Ricky Carvel

Application Deadline: Open until position filled

Funding Availability: Open to UK/EU/Overseas applicants. Studentships will cover University fees (at UK/EU or overseas rate), plus a stipend for 3.5 years at the enhanced EPSRC rate (£14,640 for 2013/14). 

Research Area: Infrastructure and the Environment 

Project description:

Flames are usually thought of as falling into one of two regimes, diffusion flames and premixed flames. In the case of natural diffusion flames, the pyrolysed fuel and oxygen from the air mix through a diffusion process, resulting in inefficient burning, enhanced soot production and relatively low flame temperatures. Premixed flames, on the other hand, which have the gaseous fuel and oxygen mixed together before ignition are much more efficient, produce a lot less soot and result in much higher temperatures. Fires in a windy environment (e.g. forest fires, fires in high-rise buildings and fires in tunnels with longitudinal ventilation) have occasionally been observed to burn in a more efficient manner and produce higher flame temperatures than might be expected for diffusion flames, but this phenomenon has not been adequately investigated to date. Consequently, current computer fire models cannot adequately simulate wind blown fires. 

This project will focus on computational fluid dynamics modelling of the enhanced mixing and more efficient combustion in wind blown fires. Development of new combustion sub-models for FDS and/or FireFOAM is intended. Although principally a numerical project, some laboratory scale experiments of fires in ventilated ducts are intended for comparison with and validation of the numerical models developed. The project aims to increase understanding of wind blown fire phenomena and advance the state of the art in modelling such fires, but also to provide practical guidance for fire and rescue services dealing with high-rise fires or forest fires and practical guidance for tunnel ventilation design. 

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Eligibility and qualifications:

Applicants must be of outstanding academic merit: a first class or upper second class honours undergraduate degree (or International equivalent) is the minimum qualification requirement. To undertake this research we are seeking a motivated candidate with a degree in Civil, Mechanical or Structural Engineering or a related discipline, preferably with some previous study in fields related to Fire Dynamics, Ventilation or Computational Fluid Dynamics. 

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