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Ph.D. programme in the Faculty of Informatics at the Universit

The Ph.D. programme in the Faculty of Informatics at the Universita della Svizzera italiana promotes the development of new professionals interested in academic or industrial research careers. A successful Ph.D. student will gain a broad knowledge and understanding of the general field of informatics, as well as an in-depth specialization in an area of interest. Working with one or more members of the Faculty, the student will contribute original, useful, and scientifically valid ideas in their chosen area of research. In addition, the student will develop professional skills that will serve them throughout their career.

  • Applying for Admission to the Ph.D. Programme
    We encourage applications from highly qualified candidates. Admission to the Ph.D. programme is competitive. Each year we receive many strong applications from around the world. Applicants are admitted based on their research interests and experience, potential for success in the programme, and compatibility with current needs of the Faculty.

    The official language of the Ph.D. programme is English. Students must be able to demonstrate fluency in English prior to admission.

    The Ph.D. programme is governed by regulations adopted by the Faculty.

    In order to be admitted, the applicant must have completed a Master’s degree in computer science, informatics, or a closely related field prior to joining the program (but not necessarily prior to applying to the programme).

  • Applications for admission to the Ph.D. programme are reviewed two times per year. Admission is typically for the Fall semester (commencing in September)

    Applications for admission to the Ph.D. programme – Dates
    Application Deadline Approximate Notification Date Start Date
    November 1
    January 1
    March 1 (Spring Semester)
    May 1
    July 1
    September 1 (Fall Semester)

    Students must complete their applications to arrive on or before the appropriate deadline, and will be notified of acceptance or rejection by the approximate notification date.
    The application for admission to the Informatics Ph.D. programme consists of the following completed materials.

    • General USI Ph.D. application
    • At least one (but preferably two) letter(s) of recommendation from persons familiar with the applicant’s academic abilities (e.g., a thesis advisor).
      Please note that the letter of recommendation must be sent by the recommender under separate cover.
    • A one- or two-page statement of purpose, written in English by the applicant, describing: the applicant’s motivation for obtaining a Ph.D. degree; how the applicant acquired fluency in English; any particular research interests; any prior research experience; reason for applying to the USI programme; and current plans for a professional career after obtaining the Ph.D. degree

    Completed application materials should be sent via e-mail to the Dean’s Office (decanato dot inf at usi dot ch).

  • Financial Assistance
    Most students in the Ph.D. programme are supported as assistants. The support covers tuition and provides a stipend. Responsibilities of assistants include both teaching and research duties. Generally students receive support as long as funds are available and the student is making adequate progress through the programme (as described in the regulations).

  • Questions?
    Please contact the Dean’s Office (decanato dot inf at usi dot ch) for further information on the Ph.D. programme and admission process.

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