Ph.D. in Local Development and Global Dynamics 4 Scholarships

The Programme aims at providing knowledge of the processes of development of local systems in a global context, research skills and political and administrative functionaries of the local government. The Programme has an interdisciplinary character and a comparative approach. It includes aspects of Economics, Sociology of Institutions and of regional planning and is based on a long-lasting cooperation with European and non-European Universities and with international institutions, such as OECD, UNDP, etc. 

Other Ph.D. scholarships programmes are also available. Please see below for details:

All programmes are conducted in English and will be taught by members of the university’s multi-national faculty. No tuition fees are charged and the scholarships are adequate to cover living expenses in Trento. Scholarships will be augmented by 50% for authorised research periods spent abroad.

Application Deadline: July 3, 2013 – 4 PM (CET)

All applications must be submitted online via the Apply button below. For further details, please consult our website ( or write to:

School of Social Sciences
University of Trento
Via Verdi 26
I-38122 Trento, Italy

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