Deadline: 2016-04-30
Level Of Study: Any

Nuffield Canada Agriculture Scholarships -no prerequisite

Nuffield Canada has setup a tremendous scholarship available annually to agricultural leaders. Successful applications are also admitted into the Nuffield alumni to continue to build a network of agricultural professionals. There is no education requirement but Nuffield is interested in enthusiastic individuals with a passion for agriculture and a desire to expand your knowledge, pursue new ideas and to share your findings with others.

Applicants are sought in mid career between the ages of 25 and 45 (although exceptions are made) and must have a minimum of 5 years agro business/farming experience, plus the management ability to step away from their current duties.

The Scholar must travel for a minimum of ten weeks, with a minimum leg of six consecutive weeks. Scholarships are not for those involved in full time study nor for the purpose of furthering research projects.

There are no prerequisites of education or past awards, only the pledge that this opportunity will be used to contribute to and innovate agriculture in Canada.


  • The scholarship provides individuals with the unique opportunity to:
    1. Access the world’s best in food and farming
    2. Stand back from their day-to-day occupation and study a topic of real interest
    3. Achieve personal development through travel and study
    4. Deliver long-term benefits to Canadian farmers and growers, and to the industry as a whole

The value of the scholarship

Nuffield scholarships are unique in several ways. For the most part it is an individual quest for knowledge, you choose the agricultural topic of interest and you select the countries in which you want to study. Added benefits arise from networking with scholars from other Nuffield countries – England, Wales, Scotland, France, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Zimbabwe. Each year there is a Contemporary Scholars Conference held somewhere on the globe for the most recent Nuffield scholars. Here lies the opportunity to meet with other industry leaders and make valuable lifelong contacts.

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The 2016 Scholarship deadline is April 30th 2016. This is an annual scholarship.

Download the application form and apply now: Scholarship-Application-Form-v2



You can also get the link here

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